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  • What is Binaural?
    Binaural is a type and method of recording that reproduces the way humans naturally experience sound. This way even if you’re using stereo ambiences it’ll still give you a sense of immersive sound especially when heard through headphones.
  • What software is compatible with your sound libraries?
    Pretty much any software that will allow .wav audio files to be imported; like: DAW Pro Tools REAPER Cubase Abelton Logic Video Editing Software Premiere After Effects Final Cut Media Composer *If you are using the surround formats (A-format and AmbiX); make sure your software supports 4-channels or more of surround mixing.
  • Do I have to give credit to Sonoro Sound after using your libraries?
    No. You do not have to give credit to Sonoro Sound for using our sound libraries but we’d be really grateful if you did.
  • What is A-format?
    A-format is the 4-channels of raw audio without any 3D processing. This format comes just as it was recorded with our 3D microphone. This is great if you want to do your own processing or use them for a surround mix like 5.1 or Atmos.
  • How were the sound libraries recorded?
    The ambience sound libraries were recorded with the Sennheiser ® AMBEO VR mic. This is a 360º four capsule condenser mic designed to record immersive spatial audio. This mic was recorded through the crystal clear preamps of the Sound Devices ® Mix Pre-6 II. All audio was edited in REAPER and Pro Tools ®.
  • What is AmbiX?
    The most common ambisonics format used for VR and 360 video is AmbiX. Ambix is a 4-channel, B-format used by different 3D audio platforms and plugins like Wwise (these are used for game development), Facebook 360, Youtube VR among others.
  • Can I use the purchased sound files from these libraries on a for-profit film or video?
    Yes. Use it in any production you’re involved with. Feel free to use audio files into timelines that are yours or others when you’re working on a project and export them in the final export. However make sure you dont copy any portion of the library “to the production drives for everyone on the project to use.” and remember; you cannot deliver any part of the library to a production as a deliverable except​ for the actual sounds used in the timelines of the project. For more information visit the Legal section of our website.
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